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'Tough times never last – but tough people do'

When the bullied get to have the last laugh

I love this story. Bullied at school for, believe it or not (see footnote below), having red hair Louis Evans has gone on to become one of Europe’s top fashion models. He’s now just 22 so it’s just a few years since he was just another minority victim in the tyranny of the school playground. But, supported by his mother, Louis maintained his self-belief and is having the last laugh – he is facing millionaire-hood.

Louis Evans went from bullied geek to amazing modelAS A child, Louis Evans was bullied for his red hair and freckled skin. Today, he is a stunning catwalk model. Louis struggled growing up in the small town of Lowestoft, UK, with his red hair being the main focus of tormentors, who called him “Rusty”.

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Tough times never last

The story illustrates the power of believing in yourself and having a vision for your future – an idea that’s encapsulated in Robert H Schuller’s book title “Tough times never last – but tough people do.”

As I read Louis’s story last evening, I got curious about how many other people have overcome tough times at school – and who then went on to have the last laugh. And I came across a list which included explorer Ranulf Fiennes (too pretty at Eton), Kate Winslett (the chubby called ‘blubber’), Victoria Beckham (tried to be friends with people, but didn’t fit in), Bill Clinton (‘fat band boy with bad taste in clothes’)  and Prince Harry (well, he’s ginger):

These are just the ones we hear about

Yes, these are obviously the people who have been ‘tough’ in tough times and have then gone on to become famous – and are prepared to talk about their experiences. The lists do not include the many who have come through the tyranny of being bullied by teachers and fellow-pupils and have had the last laugh – by going on to live happy lives despite their experiences.  Nor the many who have continued to think that, somehow, it was their fault that they were bullied or ridiculed.

Footnote about red-hair

Louis Evans was ridiculed because he has red hair. Here in the UK, and for some unknown reason, this attribute makes red-haired people an easy target for cheap humour, ridicule and for bullying – not just on the school playground but from lots of second-rate comedians, trying to be first-rate.  Elsewhere in the world red-hair is considered attractive. There is a great BBC article (along with incisive comments) about the plight and the delight of being red-haired here:

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  1. Chris spray on 24th March 2014 at 9:33 AM

    hi Reg

    Great story! I’m mentoring @alex_staniforth who is about to be the youngest Brit to climb Everest Southside.

    Remorselessly bullied at school for being different (he cycled to school every day, didn’t drink or party, stammered and had epilepsy). His school colleagues spat on him as he rode and ostracised hin.

    In the last year he has personally raised £35000 from corporate sponsors, planned his trip and secured a place on the most prestigious team on the mountain.

    Last week he gave a presentation to 200 of Cheshires leading industrialists and received a standing ovation. He is now their young ambassador.

    Couldn’t agree more – the race is long. Alex has proven the power of single mindedly and determinedly following his goals.


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