Walking – less fashionable than running, BUT…

In recent years enlightened GPs around the UK have been setting up walking groups for patients in their practices – with good results in reducing requests for prescriptions and in building self esteem and social connections.

Walking doesn’t get the same kind of press attention as jogging or running.  It’s not as sexy – nor as easy to merchandise.  You don’t get to wear fluorescent Lycra gear. Nor do you look as healthy-in-the-making – I mean, you’re just ‘walking’!

Just walking!

But ‘just walking’ has it’s benefits:

– You can do it anywhere

– It can be healthier than running – and kinder to your joints (see link below).

– You don’t need expensive ‘extravert’ clothing.  You’re not out to make some sort of lifestyle statement, after all – you’re just walking!

Yes, walking has been prescribed as a health enhancer for a long time. Nearly 2,500 years ago Hippocrates claimed that ‘Walking is man’s best medicine’.

Seems like the medical profession is now heeding one its own mentors.

There are lots of sites offering walking-for-health tips. The UK’s NHS site is a good place to begin.  

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