NLP and Challenge by Choice

Challenge by Choice

This is a fundamental principle on all of our NLP training courses. In Challenge by Choice you, and only you, make the choices.

For example… YOU decide

if you would like to take part in an activity in a physical manner or in a supportive/advisory manner. Those choosing to not be physically engaged play a valued part in the team dynamics using their new NLP skills.

when you would like to take part

which activities to take part in

the degree to which you will take part

in single-person High Ropes activities, how much vocal support, if any, you would like from others. (Some people ask for a cheering crowd. Some ask for a rousing song – or even a ‘cheer leader’ type support group! And some like to keep their attention internally focussed.)

whether to stick to your initial objective – or revise it as you go.

Not only this but everyone fully supports everyone else’s choice – without question, without reservation and, most importantly, without asking why someone has made a particular choice.


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This article is being updated 3 April 2015

Pressure free

So in our NLP courses, Challenge by Choice means that you can choose to physically take part in an activity or you can choose to not do so. You may choose to not physically take part for physical, emotional or personal reasons. That’s fine. It’s your choice.

In the spirit of Challenge by Choice your choice is respected by everyone else, facilitators and participants alike. Challenge by Choice replaces the traditional ‘challenge by intimidation’ or ‘challenge by group pressure’ approach to outdoor activities.

You choice is your concern and yours alone. You do not have to explain or to justify.

Or almost pressure free…

Curiously, we have found that it is not other people’s expectations of them that cause people difficulty in choosing to not physically take part. It is their own ‘But I should be able to take part!’ attitude. And it can be a quite liberating experience for such people to realise that their decision to not physically take part in no way lowers their estimation in the eyes of other members of the team.

Challenge by choice’ encourages respect for one another, the skill of making one’s own choices free of peer-group pressure and promotes an experience where everyone contributes to each others choices and self esteem development.

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By Reg Connolly, Director of Training, Pegasus NLP