Better than a ‘Cookie Jar’

Share those good moments

It was on a Core Skills course a few years back. And we were chatting around the kitchen table during one of the course breaks. I think it was during a lunch time.

(These informal round-the-table chats are when we often come up with fascinating ways of applying, and wiring in, what we are learning.)

Now Charles (I won’t use his real name as I didn’t have time to ask his permission to attribute the story) was telling us about a really wonderful idea his wife introduced into their family life.

She and Charles and their two young girls have a large shared jar in their kitchen.  And throughout the year they each put little folded pieces of paper into the jar. Once in the jar the notes cannot be touched until the end of the year.

Each little bit of paper records a pleasant moment and who wrote it.  And they do this throughout the year.  And then at the end of the year they have the Grand Opening – together they open the jar so everyone can relive and share the lovely moments from that year that they have captured.

(Okay, so we don’t have ‘cookie jars’ in the UK but ‘biscuit barrel’ didn’t have quite the same ring to it!)