Plan to have a great time – alone!

Do you plan for good times – alone!

It changed my life. The advice to plan for good times even when alone – in fact, especially when alone.

This was some years ago. When it seemed to me that happy times were the prerogative of couples and families.

That’s when it dawned on me, sometime in my early 20s, that I only planned for good times when I was due to be with other people.

If I had no plans to be with another person I made no plans – and so I felt bored and, quite often, miserable.

A lot of people do it this way.

We invest time, effort, and money into having a good time when we are going to be spending it with other people.

But not if we are going to be spending it… with ourselves!

Result? Time spent alone is perceived as dull or boring or lonely. And becomes a reliable anchor for this mood.