How to have a ‘negative attitude’

How to have a negative attitude

How we create our moods

Here in England it’s almost a national pastime, complaining about the weather, that is.

Shakespeare said that nothing was good or bad - thinking made it so!

And 800 years ago Wumen Huikai’s had a view about our attitude towards the weather…

In spring, hundreds of flowers

In autumn, a harvest moon

In summer, a refreshing breeze

In winter, snow will accompany you.

If useless things do not dwell in your mind,

Any season is a good season to you

Chinese Zen master Wumen Huikai (1228 AD/CE)

Not everyone does it

Now, not everyone moans about the weather in England.

So how do the non-moaners different from the rest?

What is the difference that makes the difference? How is it possible that for some people the weather is never right – and for others it’s always just right?  It seems they do things differently from the weather moaners.

My attitude - by design

According to our wonderful NLP Meta Model we attach significance or meaning to events, such as the weather, and then have feelings towards this ‘something’… because of the significance we have just given it!

Crazy. And quite logical.

If I decide ‘wet weather’ is a bad thing that’s the meaning or significance I have attached to it. So whenever it’s raining (which can seem like quite a bit of the time in English winters) I feel bad.

I have set my ‘filters’ to only see the ‘bad side’ of wet weather.

My mind and body are now programmed in how to feel.

What other decisions do we make – which, in turn, set our filters – and determine our attitude towards things?

About our job? Relationship? Friends? Personal ability?


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