Applying NLP in the Workplace

The Pegasus NLP team of trainers share an extensive range of experience in running businesses, managing organisations, team leadership, coaching, and sales and marketing. We draw upon this experience-base and skills-base to design very effective 'open' workshops and bespoke in-house training sessions and programmes. 

Open workshops

These are designed to provide specific skills and insights to enable you to enhance your performance in a particular area and the most popular of these is our Presenting with Influence two-day workshop.

This is currently available in Bournemouth as an open workshop and it is also available as an in-house programme.

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Presenting with Influence workshop

Your ability to quickly and skilfully organise your ideas and then present these in a professional and influential manner is an essential skill in managing and leading.

However when you stand in front of a group of people to do this you are being judged and you are being compared with others. Which is why for some people making presentations is a terrifying ordeal - while for others it is exciting opportunity.

This workshop provides you with the skills - and the hands-on experience - to enjoy making influential presentations. And to come across as a confident and professional public speaker.

In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Organise your ideas for clarity
  • Give your message emotional appeal
  • Handle difficult people & situations
  • Avoid traits which undermine credibility
  • Confidently connect with your audience
  • Be original, interesting and authentic

You will be investing two midweek days to change how you feel, how you appear, and how you come across to others.

Date: To be announced

Location: Bournemouth

Download Presenting with Influence brochure here

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