Using NLP at work and in your careerNLP at work and in career advancement

NLP is both practical and pragmatic, which makes it the ideal add-on for your career advancement.

Whatever your role you can significantly improve your results and your impact by introducing NLP skills into how you currently perform, take a few of the following examples.

Interviewing - or being interviewed

Managing and leading

Getting along with people and teams

Being in charge of yourself

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Whether you are in employment or are changing jobs you are effectively competing for advancement.

And, since many of your peers will have equally good education, skill, and experience, your career advancement can depend on your personal qualities – how you come across or how well you relate to others, your ability to organise and present your ideas and inspire others with these ideas, or how confident and congruent you appear.

The 4-day NLP Core Skills and, in particular, the NLP Practitioner Programme provides you with a thorough personal and professional development experience that will empower you to give yourself that vital extra edge.



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