NLP in Daily Life

NLP is famous for its huge range of techniques. These are practical examples of how NLP works in everyday life.

90% is good enough - put an end to perfectionism, for good - 90 percent is good enough

90% is good enough!

Perfectionism: a recipe for endless dissatisfaction The perfectionist wants everything they do to be perfect. Flawless. Beyond criticism… The perfectionist is never satisfied with their results. Whatever they achieve they …

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I practise - I become skilled

6 ways to practice (or practise) your NLP skills

In developing your NLP skill the old saying ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand’ applies. Actually, when it comes to skill, as opposed to mere knowledge about NLP, this piece of wisdom from Confucius is incomplete. We need to add “… I practice and I become skilled”. Because it’s not enough to just do it once and decide you understand – you have to keep doing it until it becomes an automatic (or unconscious) part of your behaviour.

How to hate peole - 7 steps to highly effective hating

The 10 Steps to Highly Effective Hating!

You have to be careful if you want to be good at hating people. For example, you must take care not to get to know them. This could spoil everything. If you get to know someone you could easily be side-tracked into seeing them as humans like yourself and even as likeable.

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