The Nocebo – beliefs can harm our health

The amazing Nocebo Effect The Nocebo is what happens when we receive scary news which results in physical symptoms.  The Nocebo is the opposite of the Placebo. With the Placebo, which means ‘I will heal’, we get well because we believe something is good for us – the kindly doctor or therapist who listens and…

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Time for a break from the News

Time for a break from The (Bad) News! Social-Distancing? Yep, got it! So, now how about ‘News-Distancing?” As I sat down to have my lunch one day last week, there was a ‘coming up’ announcement for the BBC Radio 4 World at One news programme which proudly announced “Covid Virus – the latest on who’s…

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“Stay safe!”

Wishing them well?? Shortly after the arrival of Covid-19 in the UK we began wishing each other well with “Stay Safe!” comments. It is a well-intended comment.  Yet, in communication, and as we know from NLP, it’s not our intention when communicating that matters.  What matters are the results of our communicating – our impact on…

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Covid-19: The end of the beginning?

The end of Lockdown in the UK Today is VE Day – Friday 8 May 2020. It’s when we celebrate the day World War II ended in Europe 75 years ago on 8 May 1945. Almost exactly half-way through the war, in November 1942, Churchill cautiously forecast a successful end to World War II with…

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The repeated lie is believed


The repeated lie is believed The 3rd Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year… according to many British newspapers. This ‘scientific claim’ is the invention of a PR company and a part-time lecturer. It was created back in 2004 to get people to book their annual summer holidays earlier and is,…

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Sulking: getting the silent treatment

Sulking: the silent treatment

Sulking: getting the Silent Treatment! Oh, he’s just having one of his sulks – best to ignore him. If she doesn’t get what she wants she goes into a sulk – forever! There’s no point in trying to talk with them – they’re in a sulk! Living, or working closely, with a sulker isn’t much…

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90% is good enough!

90% is good enough - put an end to perfectionism, for good - 90 percent is good enough

Perfectionism: a recipe for endless dissatisfaction The perfectionist wants everything they do to be perfect. Flawless. Beyond criticism… The perfectionist is never satisfied with their results. Whatever they achieve they quickly decide they could have done better – and should have done better, in fact. They do not have an ‘it’s good enough – let’s…

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You’re just perfect – or not!

Looking at your partner through rose-tinted spectacles

You’re just perfect! We look at the “falling into and out of love” pattern on our NLP Core Skills course. It goes like this: We meet someone we like Get to know them better And, as a result, begin to fall in love with them This creates a filtering process in which we recognise more…

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Beware of what you get used to

Living on auto-pilot or living with clarity

Living on auto pilot On our NLP courses we also explore a number of ‘non-NLP’ concepts. And we then use NLP to ‘model’, or unpack and examine, these because They are valuable life tools Using NLP to figure out how they work demonstrates that there’s a lot more to NLP than a few techniques. 10% New…

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