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Beware of what you get used to

Living on auto-pilot or living with clarity

Living on auto pilot On our NLP courses we also explore a number of ‘non-NLP’ concepts. And we then use NLP to ‘model’, or unpack and examine, these because They are valuable life tools Using NLP to figure out how they work demonstrates that there’s a lot more to NLP than a few techniques. 10% New…

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Petty People in the workplace

Petty People at work Petty People like to divide and conquer – to play the ‘enemies and allies’ game. In their eyes, you’re either with them or against them.  Side with them and life is fine. Disagree with them and they’ll aim to make life miserable for you.  With Petty People you’re either with them…

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Attitude, work and TGIF

Let's just get through the week!

We can choose our attitude… Fed up with your job? In a dead end with no immediate way out? We can’t all have Instagram Lives, all of the time! But we can always be in charge of how we deal with the life we have. We can always be in charge ofour attitude towards what’s…

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Bad Habits Do a Good Job

Bad habits go a good job!

Bad habits usually do a good job! Many of us spend a lot of time trying to get rid of bad habits. It works like this. You decide a long-held habit is ‘bad’ and no longer acceptable – a habit such as smoking, putting things off, eating/snacking, retail therapy, or talking too much. Then the…

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Strong Leaders Create Weak Followers

Strong leaders create weak followers

The new team forms On the Low Ropes course you are part of a small group of 5-8 people who have to resolve a number of non-strenuous team challenges and problem-solving activities and, ideally, become a team in the process. You don’t know one another – you’ve met for the first time about 3 1/2…

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Be careful with WHY? questions

Be careful with Why? questions

Treat ‘Why?’ as an attack question! We pay a lot of attention to words in NLP. We think about: What’s the thinking behind the words and comments How they impact people The intention behind them – why they are used. For example, take that little word WHY?  Harmless enough, isn’t it? After all, it’s a little word…

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4 NLP ways to jump-start rapport

NLP and rapport

Rapport: how to feel at ease with people We feel ‘in rapport’ with someone when we are in tune with each other i.e. when we’re on the same wavelength. Or share a mutual respect for one another.  Or share strong common interests. We can be in rapport with one person – or with a group of people e.g. family,…

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NLP and ‘intimidating people’

Dealing with people who intimidate us There is a simple-yet-powerful little NLP technique for dealing with an unwanted reaction to somebody – such as when you find them intimidating you are in awe of them you mentally put them on a pedestal and look up to them you tend to defer or give way to…

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It’s not just what you eat…

The NLP TATE or TOTE model is a valuable method for recognising the steps which we go through in something as simple and automatic as eating. Recognising our personal ‘eating steps’ makes eating management and weight or size management more manageable.

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